After Sales Service

Real estate solutions that go beyond the sale

The “Property Link” service does not end with the execution of the sale contract. We will still be at your side even after the entire process.

Here are the central tenets of our exceptional after-sale support;

  • We provide diverse approaches for purchasers and tenants to contact us, including phone, application, mail, and electronic chats.
  • Our customer service staff comprises individuals with a high level of expertise. Hence, we can guarantee that our customers will always be assisted by someone who is both competent and well-prepared to handle their needs.
  • Whenever there is a need for some kind of maintenance, we ensure that time and resources are used as effectively as possible. In addition, we coordinate the date and time that will work best for both the business and the buyers/occupants in advance.
  • There is constant two-way communication with the customer. We’ll keep you updated on the process at all times.
  • We maintain a line of communication with customer so that they can provide feedback regarding their experience with the services we provide. Input that will help us evolve and grow over time.
  • We make certain that the necessary legal documents, such as the deed of sale, are drafted and signed by all parties involved.
  • We make sure everything is in working order for the next owner.

To sum it up, we constitute strategies for identifying a problem, planning a remedy, and communicating thorough After-Sales Services.

 “Beyond the sale, we’re here for you because Client’s well-being is our top priority’!