Cyprus Climate

One of the climatically healthiest regions of the world

The island of Cyprus enjoys more sunshine than any other Mediterranean resort, with more than 320 days of brilliant sunshine a year. Summers are warm and dry with excellent conditions for water sports. In winter the island experiences very mild weather conditions. It has a Mediterranean climate: hot, dry summers from June to September and mild, wet winters from November to March, which are separated by short autumn and spring seasons of rapid change in weather patterns in October, April and May. Sunshine is abundant during the whole year, particularly from April to September when the daily average exceeds eleven hours.

Winds are on the whole light to moderate. Gales are very infrequent and heavy storms rare. Snow hardly falls in the lowlands and on the northern range, but is a frequent feature every winter on ground above 1.000 meters in the Troodos range. From December till April snow is usually in evidence there, but hardly continuous. Yet, during the coldest months it lies in considerable depth for several weeks, attracting skiers.

In general, Cyprus enjoys world-wide fame for its mild climate and ranks among the climatically healthiest regions of the world. The island offers ideal conditions for many activities like, hiking & walkingbiking & cyclinghorse riding, swimming, water sports, sunbathing etc.

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