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The real estate market in Cyprus is becoming more and more popular to foreign investors. It seems to be regaining foreign investor interest in line with the Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residency Schemes promoted by the government and the new business opportunities that are emerging mainly in the energy, tourism and professional services sectors. Sales to overseas investors have increased during the past year according the Department of Lands and Surveys, while demand has shifted towards exclusive residential projects and prime investment assets. The outlook for the Cyprus economy and the real estate market is therefore more positive now than three years ago with several growth opportunities emerging. 

Therefore, at Propertylink we invite you to work with us.

If you are willing to become more than just an investor or a holiday property buyer and you would like to participate in the Cyprus property sales, Let Us Know. There is no need to become an expert in the business; just speak to us. Receive your commission from the property sales by involving potential property buyers and introducing your friends and contacts to us via our registration system.

Propertylink offers the unique options for buyers, investors and partners:

We created the widest Cyprus property catalogue and it includes both property for sale and rent offered all around the island. Thousands of listings are updated daily and renewed constantly. We also offer building plots for sale in Cyprus for individual constructing. More importantly we develop our own properties; in a small scale, trying to give the extra features that are missing from other properties.

Propertylink offers the best property offers and support service to buy or rent, for our clients but more importantly the best terms and commission fees for the clients and people who recommend us to others.