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Real estate is known to be a secure investment and a significant contributor to personal wealth. In Cyprus, the real estate industry is expanding rapidly and return on investment is on the rise, driven in part by the Cyprus Immigration by Investment programs, which have increased both demand and gains. Besides, there is a resurgence of interest from foreign investors in the wake of Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residency Schemes promoted by the government and the emergence of new business opportunities in sectors such as energy, tourism, and professional services.

The outlook for the Cyprus economy and real estate market is currently more optimistic than it was three years ago, as various growth opportunities have emerged. Therefore, we invite you to work with us.

If you are interested in tapping into the unrealized potential of the market, or if you are searching for an already existing huge player in Cyprus real estate market to extend your investment portfolio, PropertyLink has got you covered!

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You don’t need an expert in the real estate business; just speak to us, and our property experts will walk you through this path to help you succeed, leveraging their sound industry-wide experience. Whether you are a real estate agent, multinational law firm, wealth manager, family office or any other professional who is involved in the Cyprus real estate market or investment migration, PropertyLink will be your partner in success!

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  • Proven track record of success in selling, buying, renting and investing in residential and commercial properties for clients since 2007.
  • We offer tailored solutions and flexible partnership options to meet your specific property needs and investment goals.
  • We are driven by integrity and keep our commission fees transparent and let you exercise control B2B and client relationships.
  • We offer an extensive and up-to-date Cyprus property catalogue, including both properties for sale and rent offered across the island.
  • Professional support team is available 24/7 to provide the necessary information and assistance to help you achieve the best results.

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