Cyprus Lifestyle

Ideal for a peaceful family life

Besides its natural beauty, Cyprus offers a highly valued safe environment, with low stress levels and crime rates, ideal for a peaceful family life. Acknowledging the island’s safety and security standards, Value Penguin has ranked Cyprus 5th worldwide and 1st among smaller Countries in its Safest Countries in the World study for 2015.

The Republic of Cyprus generally, it is and will remain one of the safest European countries to live in. A great number of expats from various nations who have been living on the Mediterranean island for years, claim that Cyprus’ safety and security levels are much higher than many other European countries, even if I personally thinks is a matter of culture.

While instances of petty theft are reported (especially by tourists and expats) on a frequent basis, the crime rate across this island is very low. Travelers are therefore generally advised to keep their passports, money and valuables in a safe place. Female travellers should exercise the usual precautionary measures that they would in any other foreign country.

This island of Cyprus is a great place to raise children and build a family. It is possible for children to play outdoors without their parents having to worry about them, as the overall environment all over the country is generally safe and secure. Of course, it is best for adults to keep a watch on their little ones in order to prevent any accidents and injuries.

Cyprus favourably differs from continental Europe in many respects; and the safety living is one of the biggest.  Life in Cyprus is really safe.